Individual Training 60 mins | 30 mins

This is a one on one style session. The workout will be catered to the individual's specific needs and goals. The perks of this type of training session is the freedom to create a unique training session each time to help the client achieve maximum results per session. Individual training sessions are perfect for the person who is looking to get the most out of the time and have the freedom to change each session to the needs of that day. If the person needs an extra stretch session or wants to box for the hour instead of weights, we have the ability to do so. I love doing this style training session, because it really is the most creative and open platform to create a great and different workout each time.

Semi Private 60 mins

These training sessions are great for 2-3 people who are working towards the same goals and are evenly matched in exercise experience. It is a great way for a few members of the same team or group to work together and push each other through the workouts. It is always fun to train with a partner and to encourage and pass through perceived limitations.

Small Group 60 mins

Small group training is fun for groups of 4-6 people. I usually do this with a few people who enjoy the exercise class atmosphere, but still prefer the customization of the workouts. With small group training, the members and I can create a fun environment with a series of different equipment and shock the body from strength, power, speed, and endurance all in one workout. This is a station based training program where the members of the group will be constantly working to keep their heart rates up.

Large Group/Team 60 mins

This is a very specific style of training usually done off site, or reserves Achieve Physical Therapy exclusively for team use. This is a program where the coaches and I discuss the needs of the team and what will best help them through the oncoming season. This is a great way for the team to work together and bond, as well as start to develop the high caliber fitness levels needed to outperform the competition.

Sports Medicine

Christopher Cosentino works closely with Darren Riccio at Achieve Physical therapy to bring the greatest care to the Athletes of the Lower Westchester area. They have been working together for the last 9 years in treating athletic based injuries, from surgery to non surgical cases. Christopher is always keeping up with the ever evolving therapeutic trends to provide the best and highest level of care to his patients. He has always been an advocate of hands on care with therapeutic exercise as he believes it is the best way to treat injuries. The use of different manual based skills has accelerated the return to play time for those athletes. Christopher and Darren have created a unique based preventative approach to sports conditioning that has helped educate and build the strength and skill needed in the athletes to try and decrease injuries when they can be prevented. Many athletes coming through the Sports Medicine side of Achieve Physical Therapy convert to the Performance Enhancement side of the practice and have trained and accelerated to top level competition in their respective sports. Many of our athletes have gone on to play at top level schools including but not limited to Duke, John Hopkins, Yale, Harvard, Brown, Georgetown, as well as playing in the pros.

  • Full Service Athletic Training for schools or events
  • Kinesis Taping
  • Graston Myofascial release techniques
  • Trigger point and manual therapy treatment

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