There is no trained. Past tense implies you have reached your highest potential. Exercise, workout, stay fit – these phrases lack intensity and motivation. There is only train. When you train, you are the best part of the movie. You are Rocky climbing the mountain in Russia or Daniel learning to paint the fence.

Many influences have inspired Christopher to get into the field of training. It all started at a young age with martial arts. Other sports he tried did not compare to the training of a fighter. Nothing pushes you to develop the will power and ability to endure struggle and pain like the training to be a martial artist. Chris’ early experience led him to favor watching the Summer Olympics over all other sporting events. Chris was captivated by the gymnasts moving with power and grace, and the decathletes proficient in ten different sports. Growing up and watching these amazing athletes gave him a fascination for kinesiology, the study of human movement. Christopher learned how the body worked, how far it could be pushed, and if broken, how to fix it. He became a skilled mechanic of the world’s greatest machine. From there, he received a degree in Sports Medicine as an Athletic Trainer.

Throughout college, he continued to train as a martial artist, attend school, and work as a trainer and coach. After juggling so many activities, he eventually found his way at Achieve Physical Therapy in Scarsdale, NY. There he built his home base. At Achieve, Chris facilitates an environment where true training occurs. He uses his degree as an Athletic Trainer to help athletes recover from surgery and injuries. The knowledge from his degree along with his experience as a trainer has helped him create a factory where Athletes are built for success. You can look up see an endless amount of college shirts from athletes competing on all levels of the NCAA, including a few professionals, hung up on the walls. Here Christopher is doing exactly what he is meant to do – train. Chris never stops training himself or others because the journey never ends. There is no "trained"; there is always another level to achieve.

What To Expect

A training session with Christopher is unlike any other. Chris uses his education in Sports Medicine and his keen eye and knowledge to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. From the initial visit, your training session begins with your goals in mind. Whether it’s to recover from an injury, train to play on a high school or college level, or compete at a weekly tennis match, Christopher has a plan for you. He does not that believe one magic formula or one specific technique can do it all. In a single session you can skip rope, swing a kettle bell, or do an Olympic lift. Christopher has a unique ability to bring chaos to you, confuse the body and build its ability to endure. Only when you train can you achieve the next level.

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